Leasehold is the opportunity which allows people to live in their own house without owning it. The lease is one kind of rent, but the difference here is the period. You need to pay rent monthly, but you need to pay yearly for lease. Leasehold is a popular medium for buying a property. The lease is an essential medium for buying lands or houses. Though it is controversial, yet it has the same popularity. People still prefer to have leasehold properties that cause people who take lease can't buy any land and build a house or buy any house. So they still prefer to take a leasehold property. But the government are very much active on this issue. They passed new laws to stop this issue. They want to get rid of this problem as early as possible. The government is trying its best to make that happen. They want to make sure a safer society for the citizens. Leasehold is a help for people who can’t buy any land to build houses or purchase their own homes. Because it allows them to own a house for specific years and live peacefully. It offers you to have your own home. It helps you to fulfill your dream. But leasehold scandal is ruining this purpose. In these scandals, massive amounts of money were stolen from people. This was bad and it was not acceptable. For this reason, governments are taking steps to eradicate this issue.

Though leasehold scandal is happening all over the world, people are still fond of the leasehold system. They still go for a leasehold property. Cause only this gives them the ownership, they desperately want and dream for. Leasehold scandals can be stopped if we become aware. We need to be cautious while signing the leasehold deals.